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Regent College in Hong Kong

Regent College has a long history of partnership with scholars and friends in and from Hong Kong and mainland China, including 600 graduates and former students.

The 350 former Regent students in and from Hong Kong have returned to their workplaces and families with an ability to integrate their faith with the whole of life. As musicians and entrepreneurs, counsellors and teachers, social workers and business leaders, they desire to see and follow Christ in their various vocations.

This commitment to faithfulness in all aspects of life can also be seen in the partnership between Regent’s Marketplace Institute and Hong Kong University’s Faith and Global Engagement Initiative. Through three joint events in the past two years, hundreds of people have heard Regent faculty and staff members in public lectures, seminars, and forums on subjects such as the role of faith in public life, Christians in business, and Christianity and art.




About the Regent College (Hong Kong) Foundation Limited

In 2014, in response to the growing support of Hong Kong donors for the mission of Regent College, The Regent College (Hong Kong) Foundation Limited was formed and incorporated. The purpose of the Foundation is to advance Christianity and the promotion of education, learning, and culture. The Foundation supports charitable activities and non-profit making projects for the following purposes:

  • for the joyful sharing of the blessings of Christian faith;
  • for the honoring and glorifying of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • for the support of other Christians and/or Christian organizations;
  • to generate interest in graduate theological education  among Hong Kong and Chinese Christians, in particular the educational  offerings of Regent College for the promotion of education;
  • to facilitate and support the setting up of theological education opportunities or institutions in Hong Kong and China;
  • to support through scholarships Hong Kong and Chinese students wishing to undertake graduate theological study at Regent College; and
  • to support the ongoing work of Regent College for the promotion of education.

有關維真學院 (香港) 基金會有限公司

在2014年, 為了回應在香港愈來愈多支持維真學院使命的捐獻者, 維真學院 (香港) 基金會有限公司正式註冊成立。基金會成立的目的是為了擴展基督教及提倡教育、學習及文化。本基金會支持不同的慈善活動及非牟利的項目, 主要為了達到以下目的 :

  • 喜樂地與人分享基督教信仰的福氣 ;
  • 尊崇及榮耀主耶穌基督的名
  • 支持其他信徒及基督教團體 ;
  • 培養香港及中國信徒對研究生神學教育的興趣,  尤其是相關的奉獻項目, 以支持維真學院在推廣教育方面的工作 ;
  • 促進及支持在香港及中國建立神學教育的機會或院校 ;
  • 透過提供獎學金支持有志在維真學院攻讀研究生神學課程的香港及國內學生 ;
  • 支持維真學院在推廣教育方面的持續工作 。